Dog Harness

Whenever I am driving along and I see a dog in the front seat of a vehicle, head out the window, tongue hanging out, enjoying the wind on its face I wish that my cat or cats  on a whole enjoyed  these trips. Then my next thoughts are, why don’t we protect our loyal family members better as we do our kids. Protect them by keeping them in the back seat of the vehicle where they belong. We have our kids in car seats, because it’s the law, some of us anyway. Why not get our dog a seat belt harness. The seat belt “loop”  allow you to use it as leash to walk your dog. When  shopping for a harness for our dog one has to choose one that is a comfortable fit protecting your dog’s trachea otherwise known as the windpipe, and that it is easy to puton or it

                                                                                                                              will not be used.



For further information check out :


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