Water fountains for our pets

      These days of summer are getting hotter and hotter. Folks, we must not forget our canine and feline family members and loyal friends. Especially those left outdoors while we are at work. Like us humans they feel the heat, no doubt even more at times because of their fur/hair, thought it’s been said their covering maintains their body temperature. Who knows!!   I think providing a Water Fountain is the solution. Fresh water constantly flowing, bubbling, enchanting our cats.  It’s not only the environmental temperature, that make them thirsty, so does the  sodium content of some pet foods of both  dry and moist consistency . Water Fountains such as the one pictured above, are affordable and come in a variety of style, sizes, color and prices.  Some accommodate single or multiple pet families. My daughter has a cat, Sunshine, with a sunny personality to match, who would only drink from the tap. Sunshine would ignore the bowls of water in different locations and sit for hours on the bathroom sink waiting for water. Eventually my daughter had to leave the water trickling all day  to keep her pet hydrated. Then she purchased a Water Fountain, a fountain for multi- pet families for her two cats. Sunshine seemed enchanted, she would sit for hours staring at the sparkling water. Whoever invented the water fountain, I thank you.


For more information go to: myppetsmyfam.com.


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