Window perches for cats

It’s such a pleasure to have cats as pets. They are so cuddly and cute. They love their owners, are independent and easy to care for, not requiring as much as or canine friends. Our feline family members, even though they sleep for as mush as twenty hour a day are of an exploratory nature. As the saying goes they are “ as curious as a cat”.  They want to know, to see, what’s happening outdoors. So our indoor cats like to sit or perch on our window ledges. They even sleep on our ledges, so why not treat or loyal family member to a Window Perch. We take our dogs for walks but our feline friends are kept indoors.



Window Perches are affordable and come in a variety of styles, sizes, prices, and colors to match your home décor. Some are even heated. As pictured  on the left, your pet will relax and enjoy their own cozy spot. Give them that treat, they will love it.


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