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Scratching Posts


                                                                                                                            Scratching Posts


Choosing a cat for your pet is something special. The addition of a new family member is something to look forward to, and just as the cat should enjoy being in your home, it’s equally important that you are able to relax and enjoy your experiences. Cats are usually considered easy to take care of, but they still demand your time and energy. In addition to requiring daily care your cat has to learn what it may and may not do in your home.

Now that your furry friend is home, you naturally do not want it to scratch your carpet, furniture, and wall paper so to avoid damage you will need to buy a scratch post. Scratching is a natural behavior for a cat. They do this to sharpen their claws and to mark their territory while getting a good stretch. In the wild this behavior causes no problem, but indoors it’s a totally different matter, it is damaging.

Scratching posts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes at pet stores and online. As soon as my cat Mittens started to scratch my carpet and furniture I would take her to her scratching post and hook her claws in the material and watch her reaction. She would fervently scratch away, such a joy to watch.  A good scratching post must be stable so that it won’t topple over, and it should be a few inches taller than the cat. The cat should be able to stand and stretch upright against the scratch post, which should be covered with rough material that has a vertical texture. Placing the post in a corner of the room where the cat likes and sprinkling some catnip on will be even more attractive to the cat. Cats go crazy when they smell catnip. Another and even better location would be to place the scratching post where the cat originally started scratching your carpet or furnishing. Correcting the bad behavior with your voice by saying naughty kitty will be understood. You have to be consistent however and patient, and continue to take the cat to the scratching post.

In the beginning you will have to keep an eye on what your cat is doing and catch her before she digs her claws in your furniture or carpet. Your cat will soon understand what you expect of her. Reward good behavior with a cat treat.


Dog Harness

Whenever I am driving along and I see a dog in the front seat of a vehicle, head out the window, tongue hanging out, enjoying the wind on its face I wish that my cat or cats  on a whole enjoyed  these trips. Then my next thoughts are, why don’t we protect our loyal family members better as we do our kids. Protect them by keeping them in the back seat of the vehicle where they belong. We have our kids in car seats, because it’s the law, some of us anyway. Why not get our dog a seat belt harness. The seat belt “loop”  allow you to use it as leash to walk your dog. When  shopping for a harness for our dog one has to choose one that is a comfortable fit protecting your dog’s trachea otherwise known as the windpipe, and that it is easy to puton or it

                                                                                                                              will not be used.



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Water fountains for our pets

      These days of summer are getting hotter and hotter. Folks, we must not forget our canine and feline family members and loyal friends. Especially those left outdoors while we are at work. Like us humans they feel the heat, no doubt even more at times because of their fur/hair, thought it’s been said their covering maintains their body temperature. Who knows!!   I think providing a Water Fountain is the solution. Fresh water constantly flowing, bubbling, enchanting our cats.  It’s not only the environmental temperature, that make them thirsty, so does the  sodium content of some pet foods of both  dry and moist consistency . Water Fountains such as the one pictured above, are affordable and come in a variety of style, sizes, color and prices.  Some accommodate single or multiple pet families. My daughter has a cat, Sunshine, with a sunny personality to match, who would only drink from the tap. Sunshine would ignore the bowls of water in different locations and sit for hours on the bathroom sink waiting for water. Eventually my daughter had to leave the water trickling all day  to keep her pet hydrated. Then she purchased a Water Fountain, a fountain for multi- pet families for her two cats. Sunshine seemed enchanted, she would sit for hours staring at the sparkling water. Whoever invented the water fountain, I thank you.


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Window perches for cats

It’s such a pleasure to have cats as pets. They are so cuddly and cute. They love their owners, are independent and easy to care for, not requiring as much as or canine friends. Our feline family members, even though they sleep for as mush as twenty hour a day are of an exploratory nature. As the saying goes they are “ as curious as a cat”.  They want to know, to see, what’s happening outdoors. So our indoor cats like to sit or perch on our window ledges. They even sleep on our ledges, so why not treat or loyal family member to a Window Perch. We take our dogs for walks but our feline friends are kept indoors.



Window Perches are affordable and come in a variety of styles, sizes, prices, and colors to match your home décor. Some are even heated. As pictured  on the left, your pet will relax and enjoy their own cozy spot. Give them that treat, they will love it.


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Pet carriers are a necessity for transporting our cats and dogs safely, whether to the vet or on vacation. Our pets are usually scared and do not want to be contained no matter how short or how near the destination. We owe it to them to provide security, safety, and comfort to our family members always. Therefore when shopping for pet carriers, soft sided, padded and aerated sides should be your first consideration. The comfy straps/handles of the carriers being held close provides a sense of security to our to our pets knowing we are very close-by. The safety of a well ventilated carrier with soft sides, padded sides help prevent suffocation and injuries. The mesh sides allow our loved ones to see our proximity and enable us to pet them while in transit.